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Photo's available in 4x6 and 8x10 format. Multiple systems are available. Pricing varies depending on travel distance and the number of systems you would like. Your guests will take home a high quality picture placed in custom labeled frames. Please fill out the contact form for an accurate price quote, or call Scott at (973)226-5147. We have received rave reviews throughout the Metropolitan area. 

Photo Event Set Up

Hi-Tech Images Superimposed Photos
PerHi-Tech Images Superimposed Photos
Hi-Tech Images Superimposed Photos
Hi-Tech Images Superimposed Photos
Hi-Tech Images Superimposed Photos

See what our clients are saying!

Scott is the best! Seriously, he is dedicated to his profession...so much so that the lines for his photos seem to never end.  Every time I have engaged Scott (conferences for three banks I worked for over a span of 10 years...plus my daughter's wedding), he has been the hit of the conference and the hit of the party.  He exceeds expectations.  You will not be disappointed.  As soon as I get a chance, I will post some pictures and add some more positive comments from my banking colleagues. ~ Jeffrey

Jeff Kraft

We used Hi-Tech Imaging as our wedding favors and people still talk about them to this day!  They are unique and very different then the boring old favors. Everyone really had fun making them.  Scott was amazing, Thank you for creating memories we will laugh about for years to come!       ~ Melissa

Melissa Caruso

We hired Scott to set up a photo booth at our wedding, best decision ever!  Our Guests loved it and had so much fun.  Scott is super sweet and easy to work with. He even had recent movie release posters to choose from.  There was not a minute where he didn't have people gathering around him to participate in the photo fun.  My guests are still texting me raving about him. I highly recommend hiring him for your next event.
~ Alexander

Alexander Johnson

We love Scott at Hi-Tech Imaging. We have had him back for every event!  The setup is easy, just a table and chair. Does not take up a lot of room and you have loads of photos to pick from!  This is for all ages and is so much fun. Everyone gets so excited to show their photos! I still have people posting old photos from years ago!  Scott is a pleasure to work with.   ~Will

William Davis

Scott is the best of the best!  We have had him at our gala events for over 10 years!  The photos are so much fun for kids and adults.  He even has a nice frame and bag to take your photos home.  You can take it alone or with your friends! I took one with my husband!  Scott's work is high quality he's there early and he leaves late and is honestly one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to work with.  We can't wait for next year! Thank you Scott!       ~Kim

Kim Phelan

I have to give credit to a great guy, warm hearted, patience, friend Scott Montagna of Hi-tech Imaging that did photo covers for our party.  I thought it was too much maybe silly, I don't see the need for photo booths at parties, really; this was not Photo Booth.  But THIS WAS SO DIFFERENT.  Everyone had so much fun with this.  I knew he did  big corporate events, fundraisers, big golf tournaments.  I didn't think I could afford him!!!  I could.  I did!!!  The highlight of the party!  He has hundreds of magazine covers and movie clips pics for you to choose to put you on.  As a couple? Yes.  Families? Friends? Yes. Glossy high end photos! Black and white.

Maryfilomena Rita Vincenza Ciaramella

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